About Us


Our vision is to create an environment where security, collaboration and creativity are seamless.


To deliver high‐quality, innovative Cyber and Information Security services and solutions that reduce risk, cost effective and efficient for organisations.

Our Skill Set

Strategic Goals

1) To become the first choice for Government and private organisation in need of research, innovations and insightful information of Cybersecurity.
2) To contribute to the education and Sensitization of Nigerians on the Cyber Security.
3) To become a research hub in cybersecurity addressing the technical and policy challenges perculiar to Nigeia and Africa as a continent.


We have a wealth of experience in Information Security. Our personnels are professionals in their areas of expertise both locally and internationally. They are certified by Local and International bodies. Our client base have given us exposure to become more innovative and creative in our approach

Our Skils

  • Information Security - 95%
  • Penetration Testing - 98%
  • Secure Mobile Solutions - 98%
  • Secure ID Solutions - 98%
  • Cloud Computing - 95%